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Solo and Small Business Succession Planning in the Kansas City Metropolitan Region and Throughout the State of Missouri

Long-term Insurance Planning for Kansas City Law Firms 

Attention to detail is an art attorneys master early in their careers. It’s not only essential for handling litigation, but also managing a successful business or firm. At Associated Services in Insurance (ASI), we can relate to this job requirement, as client protection is determinant on the ability of our agents to properly identify and address risk. 

In working with lawyers in Grain Valley and surrounding Missouri communities, our agents noticed a common challenge among firms to proactively safeguard client interest in the event of death, disability, impairment, or incapacitation of firm owners or partners. Although laws are in place to encourage “protective action,” we often find lawyers spend more time resolving current client problems than preparing for their own. 

Our agents work for you, to keep you working for others. 


Coverage Fulfilling an Attorney’s Duty to Plan Ahead

As an agency, we use a program designed specifically for solo and small business succession planning for law firms in Missouri and throughout the Midwest. A turn-key process, our agents work directly with business owners to provide documentation of all steps to be taken in the event of the transition of ownership. This procedure addresses concerns, such as:

  • Checklists
  • Agreements to Close
  • Consent to Close
  • Power of Attorney
  • Letter of Understanding
  • Notices of Designated Successor Lawyer
  • Will Provisions
  • Litigation Agreements
  • Contingency Agreements
  • Engagement Letter
  • Notification of closing practice
  • Offer to continue representation
  • Authorization to transfer file  

Together, we will review the full scope of your business practices, as well as associated regulations. Our agents are skilled in establishing an underlying structure for succession, defining the succession relationship, and developing a funding plan for transition for closure. We also own expertise in advising lawyers on the proper path to comprehensive business insurance protection – never avoiding the fine print. 

Agents Experienced in Succession Planning for the Midwest

Associated Services in Insurance (ASI) has a longstanding tradition of working alongside members of the Midwest law community. These agent, client relationships have guided our strategies, resulting in an encompassing program to positively impact lawyers, their families, clients, and legal institutions of the State. 

To gain further insight into succession and the complete array of insurance options available to clients, please contact an agent or request a quote at your convenience. 


Additional Resources:

  1. Missouri Rules of Professional Conduct (Missouri Courts – Judicial Branch of Government)
  2. Resources for Lawyers (American Bar Association)
  3. Insurance Information for Missouri Businesses (Missouri Department of Insurance)

At Associated Services in Insurance (ASI), we’re proud to provide solo and small business succession planning in Grain Valley, Kansas City, Independence, Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit, M0, as well as Overland Park, KS. Our agents are licensed in a selection of states, including Missouri and Kansas. 

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