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Serving as a Trusted Partner for Clients in Grain Valley and Surrounding Kansas City Communities

Building a comprehensive insurance portfolio can be a challenge. With a trusted guide, however, the path toward adequate coverage can be architected in a timely, affordable manner.

At ASI: Associated Services in Insurance, our agents have been serving as advisors to clients in the Kansas City metropolitan area since 1992. As an agency, we take time to listen to client needs, confirming our Missouri neighbors are equipped with personalized insurance products and services.

Creating Benefits Solutions that Work for You.

Making the right healthcare decision can be critical for consumers, but there’s a lack of good advice available. Smart financial planners are embracing this as an opportunity to provide better service and win new business by stepping up and filling the gaps in healthcare advice.

ASI's Healthcare Extension gives financial advisors access to a team of licensed, noncommissioned healthcare advisors who answer client questions, lead seminars, complete analyses and deliver personalized healthcare recommendations each fall. Through the partnership, planners can roll healthcare advisory into their practice without hiring a dedicated staff member. 

Developing Customized Insurance Coverages in Missouri

Our agents work to build a long-term insurance strategy, acting proactively to fully identify risks. We also boast reliable insurance products, courtesy of our partnerships with a selection of nationally renowned carriers. For clients, this translates into a dependable investment, complemented by direct communication with a local agent.

The personal insurance program we provide is equipped with homeowners insurance and auto insurance selections. Our agents believe in educating clients on all options available, assisting them in acquiring coverage fit for their budget and risk tolerance.

This level of client service extends to our business insurance program. Our agency has built longstanding relationships with Missouri business owners, and continues to advocate for them on a daily basis.

Commercial coverage from ASI: Associated Services in Insurance can be tailored to the needs of representatives from many specific industries. In fact, we specialize in developing coverage exclusive to attorneys, with an emphasis on solo and small business succession planning.

To gain additional insight into the insurance products and services we offer, contact an agent at your convenience.

Local Agents Building Protection for Our Kansas City Neighbors

Every policy we produce is unique to the requirements of the entity it protects. No individual, family, or company is the same, and we believe an insurance policy should reflect these differences.

We are also active members of our local community, working alongside organizations such as: the Grain Valley Chamber of Commerce, Independence Chamber of Commerce, and Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce.

At ASI: Associated Services in Insurance, we have served our Missouri neighbors for the last two decades. We look forward to continuing this mission for decades to come, and welcome you to entrust in our insurance expertise. To begin building a policy, please request a quote.

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